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Is Online Interior Design Service for Me?

Online Interior Design is becoming increasingly popular these days. Even before the pandemic, there were designers offering their services virtually, but, of course, pandemic gave it a great push. With the Internet, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., even COVID can`t stop you from creating an interior of your dreams!

So how exactly does it work?

Just like with a regular face-to-face design, the process starts with the designer understanding your needs, likes, and preferences. You will have a virtual introductory meeting and consultation, as usual. However, instead of a regular on-site visit, the designer will ask you for detailed photos of the space. You will also have to provide precise measurements of the area to be worked on.

From there, the process goes as usual – the designer will develop the mood boards, floor plans, drawings, renders, and provide you with the selection of furniture and finishes.

Another difference is that, while your designer can recommend contractors to perform the work, hiring and supervising their work will be your responsibility with the online design service.

Pros and Cons of Online Interior Design Service


- Online interior design gives you an opportunity to hire a professional anywhere in the world!

- Service is easily accessible and flexible

- Online interior design service is usually cheaper

- You get the same outcome in less amount of time


- You will have to do some of the work – taking detailed photos (or videos) of your space and providing the designer with precise measurements

- Designer will not visit your home and may not get the full “feeling” of ambiance

- You will be responsible for hiring and supervising contractors

Of course, online design packages will vary from one professional to another, but this gives you an idea if online design service is something that can interest you.

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