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10 Ideas on How to Take Advantage of the Space under Stairs

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Not sure how to use the space under your staircase? With some imagination and creativity, it can be transformed into a functional and fully useable space. Here are some ideas!

1. Storage Units

Fact: however large your home may be, extra storage space is always welcome! So, why not use that space under the staircase for storage units or pull-out closets. This works especially well if the staircase is located close to the main entrance – you can use it for storing shoes or hanging coats.

Under-the-stairs space can be turned into a pullout system of storage units or in-place shelves. Image Source

Image Source

2. Powder Room

This is a great solution for small homes and townhouses. Although it may not be the most spacious washroom in the world, it gives your guests privacy and avoids using the master bathroom. And with the right décor, it will look great!

Image Source

3. Reading Nook

This is, perhaps, my favourite idea of all! Curling up on a cozy sofa, with a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, a glass of wine, etc (choose your favourite), and enjoying a good book – sounds like a time well spent!

Image Source

4. Wine cellar

Wine lovers can create a custom wine cellar to organize and display their collection until it`s a perfect time and occasion to retrieve a bottle. Refrigerating the space is another level, but of course, is an option!

Image Source

5. Laundry Room

Size-wise, the space under the staircase is perfect to fit a washer and a dryer, as well as shelving units for storing your cleaning supplies. A good idea is to also include a drop-down ironing board (we are talking real space-saving here!). The doors will keep your laundry out of sight… and out of mind (at least until the next laundry day)

Image Source

6. Toy storage and/or playroom for kids

In smaller homes, where a child does not have a designated play area, this may be a good solution. Plus, if you are a parent, you will definitely appreciate a place where all the toys can be stored and organized.

Image Source

7. Office Space

Nowadays, home office has become a necessity, and everyone working from home would definitely agree how much a private workspace is appreciated. If you do not have a designated room for an office, that space under your staircase may be a perfect contender for an office corner. All you need is to find a perfect desk and setting up storage space to better organize your work, and voila!

Image Source

8. Library

Although e-books have become extremely popular, book lovers will agree that it`s not the same as reading a real book. That space under the stairs can be organized into a perfect library!

Image Source

9. Indoor Garden

Plants make any space look better, so enhancing that “dead corner” under your staircase with an indoor garden seems like a perfect idea. There is a very important factor to consider here – the amount of light your plants will get. If there is no natural light source nearby, choose plants that will feel comfortable without it.

Image Source

10. Built-in Bar

Great spot for mixing and making drinks, especially if it is located close to the area where you receive guests!

Image Source


11. Your Pet`s Very Own Room!

If you want to spoil your beloved pet, you can turn the under-stair space into their own room. Cozy bed, favourite toys, and tasty treats – your pet will feel fur-bulous!

Image Source

The list does not stop here, and creativity is the limit. Consider your lifestyle, needs, and priorities to maximize the space and turn that under-stair extra room into a useful and practical area.

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