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Design Process

We pride ourselves on a down-to-earth, personable and attentive approach with every client.

We work on every project individually and holistically, aligning clients` needs with the design vision. Each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished no matter how large or small, with care and attention to detail.

Our process is built on the basis of working on the project from start to finish, but each step of the process can also be approached individually.



Initial Design Consultation

Every design project begins with an initial consultation, which ideally happens at the project site. During this first meeting, we discuss your design aspirations, the scope of work, budget, and project goals.
This consultation is a great starting point in our design journey together!



Design Brief and Proposal

Based on our initial meeting, we will create a proposal and brief, that reflects your project goals and ideas, combined with our expertise.
The goal of this stage is to help you visualize the space, to the smallest details. We use mood boards with material samples, drawings, sketches, and realistic 3D renders to present the design ideas at their best!
At this point, we will also present you with our contract, to ensure transparency in our future work together.


Design Approval

After the initial design proposal, we consider all your comments and make modifications, until you are happy with the design direction. The goal of this stage is to finalize all the details of your future space and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the direction, in which the project is headed.


Project Schedule

Once the design proposal is approved and you loved the direction in which we are taking you with your design, we will prepare a project schedule. This document contains all the recommended works, materials, lighting, and colour schemes for your space. No matter the size of project, we cover all aspect of your design in the schedule document.


Quoting and Sourcing Contractors

We choose trusted suppliers and tradesmen for your project and obtain quotations for all the works and materials included into the project schedule. All trades provide no-obligation quotes.


Orders and Delivery

Our teams will liaise with suppliers to place orders for all the products and materials necessary for your project and will put delivery timelines in place.


Implementation and Supervision

We will supervise the construction process to ensure everything goes according to plan. This is one of the most critical periods in the design journey, where we see the ideas on paper materialize and take a real form. Therefore, to make sure we are on the right track, our team will make frequent site visits and communicate with the construction team regularly, to provide guidance and corrections, where necessary.


Finishing Touches

Upon completion of your project, we will help with styling your property to achieve a complete “instagrammable” look. We will place all the newly-purchased furniture in its places and finish the look with selected décor pieces.


Space Reveal

Once everything is complete, the last stage is the space reveal, which, of course, is the most exciting moment for both clients and our team! We love to see our clients happy and satisfied with their project results.
And, of course, we will want a picture of your newly-finished space for our memory book!
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