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"The greatest thing about interior design is finding a solution, that speaks to the client, out of hundreds of different possibilities.

Great design embodies creativity and experience to make the best out of the space, all while embracing the client`s essence and reflecting it in the design!"

Katia Chavez

Creative Director

We are a full-service design and decorating studio, which creates unique and sophisticated interior environments in the residential, commercial, restaurant, and hospitality sectors. Based in Mexico, we undertake in-person projects in Monterrey, and, most recently, – provide online design consultations and work with clients worldwide.

We take clients on a design journey with us and make the process eye-opening and enjoyable.

Our style is formed by a broad view of the world and comes from different sources of inspiration: from architecture to travels, to art and culture, etc. It can be described as an equal mix of glamour and comfort; elegance and sensibility; creativity and good taste.

No project or request is too difficult, too big, or too small. We believe that if it can be dreamt, it can be done!

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